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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference betweeen Talkswitch & FortiVoice products?
FortiVoice is the replacement IP-PBX brand for Talkswitch, which is now owned by FortiNet USA.  We can still provide limited support for Talkswitch PBX systems and I.P. telephones in Australia, however support is no longer provided by FortiCare USA. 

My Talkswitch system has stopped working - can it be fixed quickly?
Most likely - we keep very limited stock of changeover system boards available for emergency replacement.

Can I still get IP phones for an older Talkswitch system?
Call to confirm - as IP phone models have changed significantly since the Talkswitch range was released, some may work or be available on order, also note a firmware upgrade may need to be performed on the PBX system unit to allow the new phones to work.

The audio is breaking up - how can this be resolved?
This is a complex issue which in most cases can be diagnosed via remote access.
Quite often we find the upload internet bandwidth is not sufficient (for the number of concurrent calls) and QoS (quality of service) needs to be implemented so that voice calls have priority over all other traffic on the LAN.

How much do your services cost?
Our minimum remote support charge is $85 AUS inc. GST.

For urgent support issues please contact Frank Freitag.
(Australia) Mob 0417 597 720

email: frank@bccvoip.com